About us

Address: st. Trabantska 293, 190 15 Prague 9-Satalitse
Company ID: 267 75 689, VAT: CZ26775689
Registered: the Municipal Court of Prague, ind. 92958, section C

GSM: +420 605 299 895, +420 736 765 936
Email: berk@berk.czvyroba@berk.cz

Establishment: Sportovní 501, Český Brod PSČ 282 01

Industrial and technological firm «BERK CZ s.r.o.» is a dynamically developing company registered in the Czech Republic since 2003. Our company is the continuer of engineering research works of «BERK» company founded in 1989, which was based on research developments since 1973.

We specialize in technological research, production technological systems for the renovation of battered machine parts, anticorrosion protection of machinery and equipment.

Years of experience and the BERK technology we developed allows renovation of different machine parts, starting with crankshafts motorcycles (10-20 thousand rev / min.) to the heavily loaded crankshafts (tractors, trucks, locomotives), as well as the renovation of technological equipment shafts operating in various conditions and the cylindrical shape parts.

High quality and reliability is achieved thanks to the know-how technology and the exceptional qualities of the surface coating made of special materials we apply.

High durability is achieved by 1.5 – 2.5 times the lowest coefficient of friction (reduction of wear resistance is dependent on quadratic coefficient of friction).

Changing the dimensions and structural parameters of the renovated machine parts are excluded due to the low process temperature (80-110 ° C).

Developed and put into operation (Prague, Czech Republic) the technological system, which allows to renovate in high quality the surface of con and cranked rods of heavy-duty diesel engine crankshafts K6S230DR type of diesel-electric locomotives produced by „CKD Prague“ (Czech Republic), 14D40 production „LMZ „(Lugansk, Ukraine), 5D49 production Kolomna (Russia), as well as DEUTZ »(Germany«) crankshafts of motor-generator sets used for power generation, and other iron, steel, nitride shafts. The system also allows to renovate the surface of the wheel sets of wagons, locomotives shafts.

Renovation of machine parts is performed by preparation of the surface, coating layers of materials in accord to BERK technology on that surface and subsequent grinding. Mentioned above the evaporation technology is very effective, using it in renovation it is possible to return the original properties and size of worn, deformed or even to a certain extent defected (from the microcracks point of view) crankshafts internal-combustion engines, in order to reduce the cost of acquisition of a new crankshaft.

The main advantages of the used technology are:

  1. High deposition rate of the material and the low temperature of deposited layer, whereby do not appear internal tensions and deformations of a crankshaft in size as well as change in structure of base material. Therefore, the base material remains its original properties and it does not negatively impacted due to changes in the structure and the subsequent occurrence of internal tension, as in the case of using other renovate techniques, where the process of spraying occurs at much higher temperatures and lower speed.
  2. Equivalent hardness of the original nitrided surface and improvement of the sliding properties of working surfaces crankshaft is achieved by spraying of a suitable composition of the material. Renovated working surfaces distinguish in having high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction.
  3. Create a solid, perfectly bound layer „deposition – the base material“, without pores and cracks is confirmed in metal-graphic examinations performed by the state research institute of materials. Prague – Bechovice.

The company «BERK CZ s.r.o.» certified by the certification center AO“ČD“ (Joint-Stock Company „Czech railways“, the department of rail vehicles) for technical capacity to renovate crankshafts, camshafts and other rotating parts of rail vehicles, including rotating parts of compressors and their subsequent complete of spare parts.

Quality, speed, high operational properties of the renovated machine parts and customer satisfaction is our primary goal!